Koller / Kohler
York County Pennsylvania
Christina Diehl - her father was Charles Diehl  born Jun 11th 1779 in Springfield Twp died  Mar 10th 1839
buried at Lebanon Church Cem - Felton
married   Jacob Finchbach (Flinchbaugh) Born  1793  died 1875 buried at Lebanon Lutheran Church Felton, Pa

Johann Jacob Koller Born Mar 20th 1754 - Died Jan 18th 1832, Rev. War veteran, owned property near and buried Fissel's Church
married Catherine Miller  daughter of Martin Miller/Mueller - he owned land - 312 acres called Martin's Choice
Martin Mueller Philadelphia immigrant on ship roster

Daughter Catherine Koller  Born - Sep 28th 1781 - Died Jun 24th 1865, buried at Lebanon Church Cem Felton Pa
married Charles Diehl
Johann Adam KOLLER   born - died -  John Adam Koller Philadelphia immigrant on  ship roster   
married  Anna Catharina/Barbara (?)

Balthasar Koller Born?   bought land in Shrewsbury Township York County Pa
Married Maria Elisabeth Shaefer
The Fissel's Church in Shrewsbury Pennsylvania
Below is the house of Jacob Kerchner 1838
Across the road from the Fissel's Church and Cemetery

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Datestone - Jacob Kerchner 1838  left of window
A neighbor to the Koller's and Sheffer's
Pennsylvania " German " Genealogy
Gravestone of  Jacob Koller  -  born 1754
"Click here to see an 1833 Kohler School Book"
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History of Shrewsbury Township - York Co Pa